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Credence \Cre“dence\ (kr[=e]“dens)

n, v. Belief; credit; to trust, believe;
That which gives a claim to credit, belief, or confidence.

impacting our world through storytelling

Credence Pictures is a media production company that places a high value on people, both on and off screen. We endeavor to be a creative team whose work you can believe in, one you can trust to tell your story.

We Create

We create original, fresh content with diverse talent and creativity, to provide unique storytelling for organizations and creative professionals. We strive for higher concepts in film, television, entertainment and on the web, encompassing a global sense of community and social responsibility.

We Believe

We believe that the actions of individuals have a ripple effect throughout their communities and around the world. We strive to create compassionate, heart-felt stories that touch people and motivate them to make a difference in the lives of others.  We believe in transmedia that transforms.

We Tell Stories

We tell stories that matter. Our clients are innovative, creative and passionate people who want to make a positive impact on their world.  We assist non-profit organizations, companies, corporations, hospitals, colleges, universities and individuals in telling their stories and promoting their products or services throughout the transmedia world.

Meet Our Team

Effective storytelling on film & video requires a talented team.  We have assembled some of the most creative talent in North Carolina to tell your story.  We pull from a talented pool of writers, producers, directors of photography, editors, sound designers, composers and motion graphic artists tailored to the needs of each story.  

Meet our core team.



Producer & Editor

For over 37 years Randy Durham has produced film and video projects in over 30 countries for non-profit and faith-based organizations in addition to corporate, commercial, broadcast, educational, non-broadcast and live-event productions.  Randy is an award-winning producer and editor who loves interviewing people and telling their stories.




Over the past 32 years Warren Gentry has worked as Director of Photography on three regional Emmy winning documentaries and several others that received prestigious awards. He has worked in 35 different states and over 20 countries on 5 continents.  The passion for his vocation has grown steadily throughout his career and he is one of the most respected and sought after DP's in the region.



Audio Tech / Sound Design

Kenny Conyers has 25 years of experience as an Audio Engineer. It has taken him around the world and into the Audio Suite, using the latest state of the art equipment to acquire and design high quality sound for picture, as well as radio and podcasts.  From field recording to Protools editorial in the studio, his list of projects range from corporate, to educational, non profit, broadcast and theatrical.



Motion Designer / Graphics

Teague Hayes has been working as an editor and motion designer for over 15 years, working on projects from reality TV shows and broadcast commercials to games and documentaries.  Our projects aren't complete until Teague touches them with his beautiful motion graphics.  He is proficient in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Media Cleaner.



Web Designer

Following in his father's footsteps, Caleb Durham has traveled to over 40 countries and is a web and graphic designer, illustrator and video producer. He is passionate about storytelling and loves developing narratives that have the power to change hearts and minds. His work usually highlights the lost and forgotten, giving a voice to the voiceless. 

  • Randy is a talented and creative producer and I heartily recommend him.

    — Bill Bliss —

    Manager – Marketing Communications, Apex Tool Group

  • Randy and his colleagues have both the professional and people skills necessary to understand what you want to communicate...

    — Dr. Camille Bishop —

    Professor of Adult Education and Leadership Development, University of the Nations

  • With almost all research now being done over the internet, I know our business would not be as successful without Randy's help.

    — Chad Merritt —

    Merritt Marine

  • Randy, your work is unbelievable. You have a way of capturing the culture from a raw, untainted view.

    — Jeff Peckham —


  • Randy Durham is a trusted resource in delivering a high quality product at a fair price.

    — Kip McDaniel —

    Marketing Communications – Cree Lighting

  • Randy stands head and shoulders above other professionals with whom I have worked.

    — David R. Wilkinson —

    Executive Director & Publisher, Baptist News Global

What people say about Credence PicturesMore Quotes
Randy Durham's productions stand out in Hollywood and the heartland. Credence Pictures tells compelling stories that make a difference. Randy sets the standard for creativity, professionalism, and clarity of message. He is the right man, with the right talent, in the right genre for such a time as this. –  Beth Bragg, The DeMoss Group I've worked with Randy for over ten years on numerous video projects, large and small. Randy is a talented and creative producer who surrounds himself with equally talented professionals that share his passion for quality. The results are consistently outstanding. He is thorough, detail-oriented, and always brings imaginative solutions that give our productions a high level of finish. He has always done a first-rate job and I heartily recommend him. –  Bill Bliss, Manager – Marketing Communications, Apex Tool Group I have known Randy Durham and followed his work for more than two decades. Literally speaking, Randy has never failed to produce an outstanding production before deadline and within budget--two characteristics not always found even in the best production houses across the country. Randy is creative in both idea and product. He will visually tell your story in ways that will enlighten and inspire even your most challenging supporters. I can fully and joyfully recommend Randy for your next creative project. –  Bill Boatwright, Retired, Director of Communications, Baptist State Convention of NC Randy understands the timeless art of telling a story. He is able sift through hours of footage pinpointing the essential elements needed for weaving together the most powerful and effective story. Randy works tirelessly to ensure that the final product is not only satisfactory, but is beyond what you first envisioned. –  Blake Ragsdale, Director of Communications, Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina Randy Durham has been a pleasure to work with. I am Chad Merritt with Merritt Marine in Hillsborough, NC. We are Triumph Boats first and largest dealer in the world. Randy purchased a Triumph Boat several years ago and a long lasting business/friendship relationship began. He built our website ( and provided the ultimate website for Triumph Boat Owners (! The services he provides have been invaluable. With almost all research now being done over the internet, I know our business would not be as successful without Randy's help. He is a class guy that works hard and always returns a phone call. He produces great websites and high quality DVDs for instructional information on the products we sell. There is no one else that compares!! Thanks for your services Randy. –  Chad Merritt, Merritt Marine I have had the privilege of working with Randy Durham on a variety of projects through the years, including several productions in overseas settings that required extensive planning, creativity, adaptability, demanding schedules, and cultural sensitivity. In every stage of the process, from the project proposal and brainstorming phase through final editing, my experience with Randy has been tremendously rewarding professionally and personally. Randy stands head and shoulders above other professionals with whom I have worked. He brings to each project impressive skills and artistry and an unwavering commitment to excellence that are infused through and through with the intangible qualities of character and integrity. It is a profound honor to have partnered with him and to count him a friend. –  David R. Wilkinson, Executive Director & Publisher, Baptist News Global As a recently published author who knows the marketing value of an excellent website, I highly recommend Randy Durham and his staff at Credence Pictures. They have recently designed my website and I have received nothing but complements from those who have seen it. Randy and his colleagues at Credence have both the professional and people skills necessary to understand what you want to communicate through your website and to create it. The final product is excellent. Most importantly, Randy is a man of integrity who keeps his word, and exemplifies professionalism and character. –  Dr. Camille Bishop, Professor of Adult Education and Leadership Development, University of the Nations It has been my joy and privilege to know Randy Durham for all of his ministry career to date. I have watched him grow and develop into one of the most creative and competent people in the entire media industry. I have also had the opportunity to travel abroad with him numerous times in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean to document ministry projects. He has always proven himself to be flexible and adaptable under the challenging situations of underdeveloped countries, cultures and contexts. Most of all, he has an interpersonal sensitivity that quickly endears himself to the people he is working with - regardless of their status in life. Randy makes all equally comfortable through his quick smile, disarming humor and Christian love and compassion. –  Dr. J. L. Williams, JL, Patt and Friends, Inc Randy is a golden human being with a gentle nature and an eye for perfection. It was my great pleasure to work with him. –  Grinner Hester, Grinner Hester LLC Honesty, integrity, and attention to detail are some of Randy's many strong suits. Whether he's producing/directing a documentary, commercial or video, or building a brand on the internet, he understands the importance of getting the brand message right; with lots of hard work and talent. I've worked with Randy in the same communications group, as well as side by side on projects. I've also worked for him as a client; designing brand identities, video graphics and trade show displays. He is as great to work with as a client as he is as a co-creator. I highly recommend Randy for your next project. –  Jeff Bowman, Creative Director, Bowman Creative Randy, your work is unbelievable. You have a way of capturing the culture from a raw, untainted view. I always feel like I am peeking in on a culture and they dont know I'm there. –  Jeff Peckham, Designer/Editor Randy is a master storyteller. I have worked with great editors and great production people; Randy has brought the two together to help deliver our message in an unparalleled way. His passion and personal vision easily blends with our mission of helping hurting children...healing broken families! –  Jim Edminson, North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM) Randy Durham is a trusted resource in delivering a high quality product at a fair price. The production values are exceptional and projects are always completed on time. I have worked with Randy for over 9 years and know him to be honest and passionate about his work. His dedication to achieving customer satisfaction is unsurpassed. I would highly recommend Randy Durham and Credence Pictures for your next motion picture. –  Kip McDaniel, Marketing Communications – Cree Lighting Randy is one of those rare individuals who "gets it" in all aspects of production: business, artistic and technical. Hand a project to Randy, and it will get done on-time, on-budget and on-target. As a master storyteller, he knows how to get a message from idea to screen using the right people, tools and techniques. In short, you can't go wrong with Randy on your team. –  Larry Gardner, I just viewed the Thanksgiving video that arrived in the mail yesterday. It truly caught the heartbeat of BCH, and will catch the heartbeat of those who view it. It was absolutely superb…outstanding…magnificent… in every way. I can’t wait to show it to our staff…as a matter of fact I am calling everyone to the office this morning so they can view it. This was “real and in touch”… You can see it in the children’s faces, in Dr. Blackwell’s eyes and voice, and emotions and as a result of what we have at BCH it not only changes the children’s lives, but the lives of the staff. I guess what I am trying to say is that you could “feel the love, the care, the spiritual environment”. God bless you for this blue ribbon presentation……this tribute…….to 125 years of helping those hurting children. –  Linda Morgan, Director, Western Area Family Services, Baptist Children's Homes of NC I would certainly recommend Randy Durham and his team at Credence Pictures for a project. He has developed a dynamic, inviting website for our ministry for adults with developmental disabilities (DDM) at Baptist Children's Homes. The site tells a story and captures the hearts of the special folks we serve while strategically meeting the goals of our ministry. Randy is professional, detailed, and quick to respond with answers and updates to the website. I would be glad to work with Randy on any future projects. –  Martha Surratt, Developmental Disabilities Ministry, Baptist Children's Homes of NC Randy Durham is the ultimate professional. He will go out of his way to make sure his clients are satisfied. I have known and worked with Randy since 1985. He has produced three video programs for our ministry over the years along with several promo tapes. I am constantly told that my "Everyone Is NOT Doing It" abstinence education series Randy produced is one of the finest, high quality programs available for schools, churches, and youth organizations! Randy is caring, trustworthy, and reliable. That is why I continuously return to him whenever I need quality production work. I highly recommend him! –  Mike Long, M.L. Productions, Inc For many years Randy Durham has produced tremendously inspiring videos for North Carolina Baptist Hospital's Mother's Day Offering, a ministry of benevolent care from churches of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. The videos present stories of recipients in clear and moving ways, demonstrating the financial needs of patients who are helped and their profound gratitude. Randy's deeply held faith in Christ strengthens his technical and creative capacities, allowing him to clearly communicate the spiritual significance of this ministry. The feedback we receive from churches about the videos has been very positive, and the Offering continuously grows. Much of that growth is due to the high quality of Randy's work. We plan to continue our relationship with Credence Pictures for years to come due to our confidence and trust in Randy. –  Paul Mullen, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center I have worked with Randy on a variety of projects and I am always extremely pleased with the results. He is a true professional that manages through tight and often difficult shooting deadlines and logistics, while always managing to get the best possible shots for the need. When conducting interviews, Randy makes even the most timid interviewee feel at ease and comfortable. His editing is fantastic, producing videos that are informative and a joy to watch. When we need video assistance, I look no further than Randy. –  Roger Boutin, Executive Director, Strategic Marketing, PRA Health Sciences Before I retired from NC State University as Executive Director of Creative Services, I worked with Randy many times over the years, from his early years as a student, through various business affiliations. I have always found Randy to be a true professional, extremely knowledgeable about his craft, but even more importantly, a truly fine person, true-to-his-word, honest and absolutely reliable. I can highly recommend Randy for any endeavor though his world-wide experience speaks for itself! –  Ron Kemp, former Executive Director, NCSU Creative Services We tasked Credence Pictures with creating a two-minute video which captured not only what we do as a company, but “who we are”. Translating the latter through video is no small feat, so we were extremely delighted that Randy and Warren were able to articulate our message through this medium, in my opinion, more powerfully than words. –  Scott McHugh, Precision Materials LLC For over twenty years Randy Durham has raised the level of video production in the Triangle through his professionalism, attention to detail and high production values. I've seen his work develop since the late '80s from good to excellent to superior, so his clients should feel fortunate to have caught Randy in the prime of his craft. I can offer no higher recommendation than Randy's direction in the field, his eye behind the camera and his decisions in the editing bay. Don't take my word for it, the proof is in his programs. 10 out of 10. –  Scott Pearson, Influence Music Publishing Randy Durham is an outstanding professional who not only has the most up to date technical information but also demonstrates the personal values and ethics that make him a fit for our clients. On show site he projects a calm exterior regardless of the challenges that the show provides. He leaves every facility with them wanting him to return. We always consider it a joy to work with Randy and his company. –  Susan Stewart, S. Stewart and Associates Randy creates beautiful and inspiring productions. His videos capture the heart of the subject and are always done with integrity and excellence. He is a true gentleman and he relates well to clients and most importantly to the people he is featuring. His work receives my highest recommendation. –  Traci DeVette Griggs, Gigsby Productions
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